No matter how innovative toy creators can be in manufacturing various toys for girls, there is still that classic touch which makes a toy sellable to their target market.  In various ages groups there is a common factor that entices girls to like a toy and that toy should come like the girl itself which is a doll.  The hot toy for every age group of girls this Christmas is the age appropriate dolls.  Girls love a doll that resembles them or what they want to be.  Read on to find out more about these dolls and why they have been favored by so many girls.

For the 2-4 age group, the You & Me Friends Hide and Seek Friends Dolls – Blonde and Brunette - has entertained little girls not just with their eyes opening and closing but also with their talking when their chests are pressed.  Girls have always loved playing pretend with these dolls as if they are big enough to care for babies when they are babies themselves. Accessories include: a comb, juice box, spoon and dish which make play time even more exciting.  Other You & Me Friends merchandise is sold separately; like doll prams and other dolls with pets.

For the age group 5 to 7 years old, the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll - Jewel Sparkles definitely makes it in to the top 10 Christmas gifts for girls. As girls grow up they become fonder and fonder of accessories, for their dolls as well as themselves! The Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll gets its name from the different hair styles that can be created; straight, curly or twisting hair are all options.  The package also includes hair beads and clips which makes styling more elaborate. Even the pet’s tail can be styled!  Other dolls and clothing are also sold separately.

Girls aged 8 to 11 are definitely not forgotten when it comes to great presents this Christmas either.  The Monster High Ghoul Spirit Fearleading Doll 3-Pack of Draculaura, Cleo de Nile and Ghoulia Yelps is a top pick for older girls.  The dolls reflect fashion as a whole more than the other dolls do. Rather than just being able to style their hair their overall look can be altered. It accurately depicts the reality of the girls which this doll is aimed for.

Hopefully these 2011 top picks Christmas gifts for girls have given you a wide variety of ideas and choices for girls. Although it may seem that they are just generic dolls, they can be improved and modernised so they appeal to today’s youthful generations of girls. I’m sure most women have a fond memory of having a doll, so why not treat an important girl in your life to a special childhood memory. So if choosing a gift for a girl becomes complicated and confusing, the safest gift you can give is a doll. If you’re worried that she will receive dolls from other people then don’t, the more dolls the merrier at the tea party!

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