One toy is topping gifts lists everywhere this year, including Toys R Us. There’s a reason why one toy is the forerunner each year and this one is no exception. There is something extra that sets them apart as leaders in fun and that’s what the Radica Fijit Friends from Mattel does.

It’s easy to see why this toy stands out from the others on offer this year. Almost a foot high, this toy is an interactive joy to see in action. These friends have been given different personalities and come in a variety of colors: pink, purple, blue and yellow. However, the personality and color are not what sets this toy apart.

This toy is in high demand due to the way it slips easily into our modern lifestyle. Not only is it fun for your child to interact with like most toys, but it is also compatible with the latest technology; for example iPhones.

Serafina, the ‘sweetie-pie Fijit’, is the pink model available. With her soft outer skin she can move easily and your child will be amazed at some of the moves she can do! All of the Radica Fijit Friends from Mattel have fun features such as voice recognition, the ability to detect the beat in the music and a mode that allows her to perform her dance moves.

Still, what kids really like about this toy is its ability to react with over 150 responses. This toy will joke with your child, chat and perform all sorts of movements to your child’s delight. This girly toy just wants everyone to have fun because of her big, loving heart that you child can relate to. The toy has a charming laugh and will make your child giggle loudly at some of her antics.

This toy is sturdy and long lasting, which are always good qualities in a child’s toy. The ears can be taken off as well. There is a network of internal sensors inside that means the toy is touch-sensitive. When she hears music, she will move her body - turning her head toward the sound and wiggling and bouncing with glee.

The sensors within this interactive toy also allow her to react to the kind of music you play and this fun toy will also do her own versions of songs! When you tell the Radica Fijit Friends from Mattel to do something, she understands just over 30 of your commands and will react directly to what you say.

Serafina isn’t the only friend your child can choose from though. There’s Willa, with purple ears shaped in a twirl design, who has the same personality as Serafina. If your child would be more suited to a different personality then there’s Sage, who likes to dance and party. If you tell her it’s time to head off to bed though, she’ll give your child a special, comforting glow. Alternatively, there’s Logan. With her soft spot for furry animals she’s kind-hearted and will always wish the best for your child.

However, if your child can’t choose between them why not spoil her and get her the complete set of interactive friends!

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