Skateboards have always been a popular gift for the teen market.  There are many different brands and types of skateboard available but if you want a fun alternative to this classic item, consider the Ripstik Caster Board. It combines the functionality of a skateboard, the feel of a snowboard and a futuristic design that means this is a must-have for your child.

The Ripstik Caster Board is superior to the traditional skateboard as its 2 inclined caster wheels allow for easy manoeuvring. Made from polyurethane, the wheels are sturdy and durable and the board can support riders up to the weight of 220 pounds. The concave platform deck of the Ripstik Caster Board gives the rider better control over the board and lets them continue moving by leaning so their feet remain on the deck. The traction pad, kick tail and nose help prevent any slipping on surfaces when doing cool tricks. When not on the board, the Ripstik Caster Board is easy to carry as it is lightweight with a rubber handle.

This object is not only a great idea for teenagers, but for adults too!  Professional skaters and hopeful future experts are able to show off their skills after some practice by doing tricks with very little hassle.  The resilient materials will allow the recipient to perform their tricks safely on this wonderful toy.  Despite this, it is still advised that safety gear is worn when riding the board. You can also ride over different surfaces with ease since the wheels turn 360 degrees and the board allows pivotal action. By altering your weight distribution on the deck the rider will continue to be propelled forwards allowing for uninterrupted, seamless travel.

In addition to the board itself, the package comes with extra caster trucks in case your wheels get broken or rusted so your gift will be a long-lasting one.  Great reviews can be found online so check them out if you’re unsure about this innovative product. With all the different features of the Ripstik Caster Board your loved one is sure to enjoy hours of fun!

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