What’s the one toy that children everywhere are begging for? The Moshi Monsters Moshling 3-Pack Mini-Figures from Spin Master of course! Not only do children love them but the parents too.

The popularity of this product stems from an online game that uses social networking, which was specifically aimed at children. It is safer than other social network sites as it is designed so that kids can join and communicate through messages that are filtered.

Parents are also big fans of the franchise as the game is safe, educational and fun. In the game community, kids can engage in social networking (only with parental consent) where the content is checked by moderators so parents feel comfortable allowing their children to use it. The only other people online are Moshi Monster users so content is appropriate.

The educational element of the site is in the form of different games. There are learning puzzles, ways to improve vocabulary and progress math skills in a way that children enjoy. As a reward for doing well in the games, they earn what’s called Rox and they can use that to buy stuff for their monsters.

Children the world over want Moshi Monsters Moshling 3-Pack Mini-Figures from Spin Master because of the interaction and fun they get from the online part of owning the toy. When you buy the toy, your child will also receive a three-day membership (at no additional cost to you) to the Monster site, as well as a collectible card. In this package, kids get three of the Moshlings and one of them is a surprise figure.

Also included in this pack is a code for a special gift item when the child registers it online. Online they get a virtual room for their monster and using the free membership, can have up to two of these fun and cute monsters in their room.

The Moshi Monsters Moshling 3-Pack Mini-Figures from Spin Master are actually pets for the Moshi Monsters and they’re collectable both on and off the site. The way it works is that children provide for their monster’s needs when they play the online games. Playing the games enables kids to look out for their monster’s status in three areas - the monster’s health, the monster’s mood (for example melancholy) and the monster’s happiness.

A huge hit with families of young children due to its safety features, educational aspect and element of fun so buy it today for your little monster!

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